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We are specialising in sustainable food production of the future.

Company created out of need for a change

About Us

About 2 years ago we understood that:


  • Traditional farming is no longer sustainable,
  • Importing food is dependency,
  • Growing demand and need for variety of daily produce grows,
  • Quality of produce goes down by 55% before reaching customers,
  • Questionable procedures in food production get even more scary…

We decided to do something about it and this is how the company was created. Now we contiuneu delivering products and services and do what we only can to promote urban farming in Poland.


Why is it worth it?

Imagine producing microgreens, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and even fish with 95% less water and 1/10 of space.

Actually, You don’t have to imagine it… we already do it.
And we invite You to do it with Us!

Products & Services

After building and installing your vertical farm, greenhouse or any other solution we can help to maintain manage your farm. We offer list of tailor services towards industrial and home solutions.  


We believe that educating future generations about food production and technologies can help us in providing a bright future for our future generations.
Hence, when we are not busy building vertical farms for you, we are spending time in schools, community centres and online doing whatever we can to spread our knowledge and help people to learn how to grow their own food.

Open source seeds

We are running open source program for everyone who wants to join us and support growth of GMO free, natural seeds free from manipulations and intoxications.


Choose Your Favourite

Of shelf ready to use products that can fit any home or office space.


Especially designed shelves with lighting system created to help with microgreens, leafy greens, culinary herbs, and other vegetables to grow. We offer modular or customizable solutions for home, office and industrial spaces.


Frames with sets of vertical panels are great as wall decoration at home or in the office. Panels can also be hanging or stand as divider wall offering growing space for all type of leafy greens, culinary herbs, and other vegetables.


Freestanding hydroponic and aeroponic towers that allow growing leafy greens, culinary herbs, and other vegetables in door and outdoor. Towers can work independently or as an interconnected system, sharing nutritions across the farm.


Every house, office or warehouse has a bit of space, that awkward corner that not much can fit, yet it would be just right for a little plant or mushroom farm.  We offer a whole range of “fit to all sizes” products.


Freestanding hydroponic and aeroponic towers that allow growing leafy greens, culinary herbs, and other vegetables in door and outdoor. Towers can work independently or as an interconnected system, sharing nutritions across the farm.


Hydroponic solution in which a mix of nutritious water flows to plants through a system of horizontal panels in which plants are placed.  The system is great for any types of stem plants like tomatoes  or creeping plants like cucumbers.


Incubo is a seedling table that can be used to grow weekly crops of microgreens, germinating leafy greens, culinary herbs, and other vegetables to grow to maturity and quarterly yields of tree saplings to add to your income. 


Prefabricated green houses with vertical solutions included. This is a great addition to your household, if you are an owner of a freestanding house and are looking to convert a part of your garden in to a vertical food production farm in good style.

more then plants...


Grow many types of gourmet and medical mushrooms for personal use, restaurants or supplement production.  Mushrooms grow in controlled climate environment whole year long, providing even 180 kg weekly and more. 

future in hand


With every product and custom solution, we provide software allowing you to adjust everything in your farm from your phone or computer.  Water pH Levels, Temperature, Humidity, Nutrient Levels Lighting Schedules, and more.


Dreaming about custom solution?

Our team of specialized technicians can help you to plan and build an optimized vertical farm for your home, office or industrial space.

Custom Products

We develop our technologies for those who believe in smarter, more sustainable, local food sources. Furthermore, we also love great design, so if any of our off-shelf products are not right for Your space, we can build a custom one, especially for You.

Container Farms

Our vertical hydroponic farm solutions maximize growing space while minimizing energy and water usage. Combining patented vertical farming technology, our ultra-efficient farms transport easily, can be stacked, and are solar capable.

Custom Greenhouses

Vertical greenhouses provide the same benefits as single-layer greenhouses, with one key difference. 

Vertical greenhouses, as opposed to traditional greenhouses, may stack numerous plants on top of each other, allowing owners to plant many more seeds per meter square.

Building Adaptations

If you are looking for a new business opportunity, thinking of opening a restaurant or salad bar, or considering opening an urban farm, and you want to adapt your current place,  we can help you with every step of your journey to create the most optimized food production facility.

Mobile application that changes every green newbie in to pro farmer. Grow microgreens, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and even fish without any previous education. Do it in your greenhouse, garden, garage  or even apartament.

365 days a year with intelligent and automated system.
With our application, you are not limited to our hardware. 

You can connect the app with simple API and monitor your food production in your custom build farm or other existing compatible solutions that are available on the market.

Get certified by Vessel Int. and sale your food freely to people around you. 


What Our Customer Says

Our cu


Delicious and always fresh

Pesticide Free Plants, Minimal transportation, Fresh Daily Produce, Zero Waste! 

Growing Vertically

Super Nutricies Foods


No chemicals

Imfarmer - App

Controlled Environment


Open for a business?



Salad bars and restaurants serving raw, vegetarian food. Most of the products come from local urban and countryside farms, including hydroponics inside the restaurants themselves. 



Vertical City Farms created in warehouses, offices & different otherwise indoor empty spaces that can serve as climate controlled  facilities for food production.